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On Mao Zedong’s Thoughts - April 6, 2013 

In order to fully appreciate the People’s Republic of China, one has to fully understand the Chinese history for the last 150 years. It is the history and the people that had chosen the CCP and its leadership under Mao Zedong.  China today is a risen-up but not yet united State that is gradually modernizing itself.  Without Mao Zedong’s strategic vision and his practices, China would not have enjoyed its full industrialization today.  Without the strict organization and skills of mobilization, China would have not made such vast progress today.  Some people questions: CCP is a brutal regime. Answer is: Yes, it is a brutal regime against bourgeoisie and those anti-China elements. Still other people questions: thirty million peasants died!  Answer is: have you made the count? Do you understand what it means “economically poor and culturally blank”?  Could China use its natural resources as collateral to industrialize itself?  Still other people questions: China has no democracy or freedom.  Answer is:  do you need the democracy and freedom to overthrow the current government, or be a collaborator?  When the Qing Dynasty was overthrown in 1911, didn’t we enjoy enough of democracy and freedom?  Then why a three hundred thousand strong army in the Northeast could not resist a Japanese Army of mere thirty thousand?  Therefore, the statement “without the CCP, there would have not been a New China”.   This is not a song, but a fact.   If we need to pick faults at Mao Zedong,  we find that he could not solve the party character problems within his lifetime.  In a life struggle agains inequality, those who did not have anything became those haves. This is not the intention of his revolution.  Maybe The Cultural Revolution is indeed needed.  In recent years, China has embarked on another revolution and has become an economic super power. But the new inequality remerges.  It is everybody’s duty to continue a new revolution.  The CCP must apply revolution to itself.  Why it is so uncomfortable?  It is the author’s view that Mao Zedong’s Thoughts still have not been surpassed.  Mao Zedong’s Thoughts will still provide inspirations to the rise of a Newer China.  


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The author has been serving China - U.S. friendship since 1987.  As a Fu Dan graduate and NYU master degree holder, the author has a big passion for history, geopolitics, military and economy affairs.  Specialties include Chinese , German and the U.S. contemporary histories. 

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Targeting the Civilians - April 23, 2013 

Boston Marathon Bombing and the 911 attacks cannot be accepted regardless the faith the attackers have. They have targeted innocent civilians. The “fighters” ignore a basic rule of “engagement”.  The methods only generate universal condemnation and hatred towards them, and give rise to widespread retaliation and wrong perception of a certain religion or faith.  Teachings of such must yield to an accommodating view of a different world, a different people, and those of a different faith or religion.  I feel sad that an innocent Chinese life was sniffed away from the pointless bombing, and sense the great need to spread a harmonious, rather than an aggressive, approach to a mixed and complex world. 

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