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Chinese ODI

Foreign Policy

China’s Investment in Africa: Status, Features & Challenges

China Global Investment Tracker

China Outbound Investment

More Opportunity than Danger

China Buys Into Afghanistan

China Going Abroad: 10 Challenges (Chinese)

Chinese Investment in Latin American Resources

Turbulence In West Asia & North Africa and China’s Response

Chinese Leadership and Elite to Response to U.S. Pacific Pivot

Does China Have a Strategy

Dreaming with BRICS

Finding a Common Ground

China’s New Leadership: Approaches to Int’l Affairs

Dangerous Waters: China-Japan Relations on the Rocks


China in the 21st Century

Arctis Issue & China’s Stance

10 Observations on China’s Relations with the World

New Developments in the E-Diplomacy and their Implications for China

Review on China’s Engagement in African Peace and Security

Don’s Misinterpret China - Russia Relationship

Balancing Chinese Interests on North Korea & Iran

China in Africa: Implications for US Competition & Diplomacy

China Prepares for An Ice-Free Arctic

Sea Power & American Interest In the West Pacific

China’s Energy & Security Relations with Russia

Japan Stirs Compbell’s s U.S. ‘pivot’ soup

Sea Power & American Interest In the West Pacific

Understanding China’s Growth - Past, Present, and Future

Why China is Finally Abandoning One Child Policy?

China’s Economy

Sino - U.S.

Chinese Society

Chinese Military

A Competitive Turn: How Increased Chinese Martime Actions Complicate U.S. Partnership

Chinese Business

New Thinking for Chinese Energy Security (Chinese)

Analysis of China’s Sea Trends & Critics of Ocean Politic Strategy


Analysis of China’s oversea’s Investment Policies

Facing China’s Coal Future

China’s Economic Performance

A Dose of Reality: current world economic prospects

Quarterly Economic Brief

The Renminbi Block is here: Asia down, the rest of world to go?

China’s Economic Rise

At A Development Crossroads

China’s Path to World’s Largest Economy

The Obama Administration Asia - Pacific Strategy

Asia-Pacific Economic Update


Illicit Financial Flows from China and Role of Trade Misinvoicing

China is winning the new global Industrial contest


China Global Currency Financial Reform

Sino-US Relations Ideological Clashes & Competitions

The Obama Administration Asia - Pacific Strategy

An Unwelcome Presence - U.S. Interference in Hong Kong Since 2007

CIA In China’s Tibet (1949 - 1969)


US - Taiwan Relationship: Overview of Policy Issues (2013)

America’s Strategic Response to China’s Military Modernization

Conflict Is A Choice, Not A Necessity

Chinese Cyber Espionage (USCO)

2012 Report to Congress

Assessing Chinese Military Transparency

China’s Overstretched Military

Managing Sino-US Air & Naval Interactions

What’s in Store for China in 2013


Winning in Greater China 2012

Three Snapshots of Chinese Innovation


The Future for MNCs in China


China’s Past, China’s Future

China’s Role in Global Energy Transition

China Energy Report Card


How Will History Judge China’s i-Child-Policy

Rule of the Princelings

Population Growth, China, and Climate Sceptics

Rebalancing & Reforms in China

China’s new inequality plan

Authoritarian Signaling, Mass Audiences, & Nationalist Protests in China

Narrowing Income Gap

18th CCP Party Congress Overview

Foundation of China’s Future Stability

Challenges for Chinese New Leadership

China’s coming urbanization

China Navy Modernization

PLA Home & Abroad

Beidou Satellite System

Chinese Military Modernization & Force Development

China’s UAV Project

Indigenous Weapons Developments

In China’s Military Modernization

China Maritime Disputes

Do Unto


Bank of China Report

China’s Economy & Finance Prospect


China’s Challenges