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Reports Selected by Dragon Report

  1.   U.S. Department of Defense Annual

       Report To Congress:  Military and Security

       Developments Involving the People’s

       Republic of China 2012 



  1.   INSS China Strategic Perspectives 1

      Click for   Assessing Chinese Military Transparency.pdf

  1.   CSIS (Center for Strategic & International

      Studies:  A Western Perspective

       Chinese Military Modernization & Force Development.pdf

  1.     INSS China Strategic Perspectives 5

Managing Sino-US Air and Naval Interactions.pdf

  1.   Asia Pacific Bulletin (Feb 9, 2012)

      Click for The Foundations of China's Future Stability.pdf

  1.   The Washington Quarterly, Fall 2012

       China's Overstretched Military.pdf

  1. 2012 Report to Congress of the U.S.- China

     Economic And Security Review Commission


Map from Zbigniew Brzezinski’s book

“Strategic Vision - America and the Crisis of Global Power” 

  1.    China’s rise is manifest particularly on land in

        Eurasia, far from the might of the U.S. Pacific

        Fleet and Washington’s rimland allies - and far

        also from the influence of other Asian powers...


       China's Inadvertent Empire

  1. 2012 March SIPRI Insights on Peace and Security

       China Prepares for An Ice-Free Arctic

  1. 2011 Oct SIPRI Insights on Peace and Security

       China’s Energy & Security Relations with Russia


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